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About Product Catalogs We have 4 different catalogs available for you

Nationwide Catalog is for every customer as it comes in blank products and we decorate according to customer requirements. You can choose the style number color and size and place your order. Order forms are available in forms section where you can download and fax us your order.

San Francisco Catalog is for san Francisco retailers where all the products comes with San Francisco Embroidery. If you like any style from San Francisco catalog you can place a special order (overseas order) which will take about 2 to 3 months for delivery after placing the order. there is a minimum pieces of product per style and color which you need to order to get the style from this San Francisco Catalog.

Monterey Catalog is also for only Monterey and Carmel retailers where all the products come pre embroidery with Monterey and Carmel.

Custom Catalog is where customer can select any style and order there is minimum pieces of products to order